Domestic Medical Escort Services by FRAS

FRAS can offer a medical escort services that is substitute of private ambulance. So, When Individual’s situation allows, FRAS can organize healthcare repatriations on planned professional flight tickets. This quite often is the most cost-effective way of providing the Individual at home. medical escortsOur Functions and Medical Repatriation Team will organize the full bed to bed service such as organizing the fit-to-fly certification from Individual’s physician and liaising with professional airways to fly individual returning either in a seated position or on an extender. The Individual is escorted by a FRAS’s health professional, paramedic or physician, based on Individual’s healthcare problems.

For less serious situations this support can provide a remarkable cost saving over a dedicated air emergency ambulance. However, it must be pressured that this support provides a reduced level of health proper take proper the individual and will only be considered for non-serious situations.

Our Healthcare Companions will go along with the individual in the planned chairs offered for normal travelers. The assistance and health proper care offered will be basic and is only intended to ensure the comfort of the individual. This support is certainly not for seriously ill or critical sufferers.

Experienced Healthcare Staff Our medical escorts are aerodynamic clinically qualified and go along with the individual every step of the way. IAS Healthcare employees are qualified not only to assist and observe our sufferers, but to help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with repatriation.

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