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Air ambulance Guwahati is now available in your city Guwahati. For any emergency or non emergency case you can contact us and get our service just by a single call. We have staffs who are trained to give medical emergency treatment and to assist medical professionals. We are affiliated with top private and governments hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Max, etc and clinics of India across Delhi’s ncr and other major cities of India. Our network is very big which includes trained doctors, medical professionals, nursing staffs and paramedics. For the emergency treatment of critically injured patient air ambulance is the best option for us. A smart decision can change someone’s life completely. We can also organize professional treatment, medical center acceptance, physician’s sessions for the fastest treatment of the patient. We provide helicopters, charted plane and commercial plane as our air ambulance service.  We feel very happy to save someone’s life. It is a great pleasure for us to work in a healthcare sector. Our air ambulance is equipped with scoop stretchers, bipap machines, multipara screen, spine board, ventilators, defibrillator, imbuement pumps, pace creator outer and inward, etc. you can get our service in less response time. Please contact us on the following details.

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Dr. Vikas Kataria

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