Charted Plane Air Ambulance Services FRAS (Flymed Rescue Ambulance)

In present situation, people are more passionate and inspired to discover new methods of nature than ever before. Besides, there are a lot of activities which pressure for unnecessary courage and strength as these activities are usually prepared to disaster and distressing results. Nevertheless, injuries can happen at any position however most secure they are stated to be and at any time loss may hit. At such a crucial point, Med Journey has been the most preferred healthcare support as it tends to provides immediate healthcare treatment while the seriously harmed sufferers are transferred by air, to a near-by medical centre. As such, it becomes all the way important that sufferers of such catastrophe must be cleared from the position of incident and must be advancing to some close healthcare place.

FRAS has several physicians and healthcare worker who are particularly qualified for such objective and always placed on high aware while on responsibility. Medical Air Travel is a support division of Flymed Rescue Air Ambulance Solutions and always ready for any task 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. We have been a well known name when it comes to perform rescue functions like evacuating sufferers of some super catastrophe from incident website and providing life preserving services. While on the way, necessary medicines and even small functions are hugely needed (as the severity of situation demands) and Med Journey is apt for such situations..

FRAS is also emphasize that the planners of super activities and public activities as well as other govt departments should contact us beforehand so that we can make sure our effective existence at occasion website to prevent any distressing situation.

Why Us

Why US: We are devoted flight planners, professional pilots, and experienced healthcare employees know what it takes to make healthcare flight tickets as sleek and stress-free as possible for sufferers, close relatives and case supervisors. In fact, when you seek our help for an urgent or non-emergency healthcare companion, we stand ready to handle every aspect of your healthcare transportation solutions from beginning to end, such as managing ground transportation and offering up-dates to everyone concerned throughout the transfer. It starts with an all-inclusive advance quotation, so there are no invisible expenses later. No matter which of our various healthcare transportation solutions you require, FRAS is always prepared to assist in getting your individual where he or she needs to be as quickly and perfectly as possible.