Leading Ambulance Service Provider in Delhi NCR by FRAS

Our Medical Flight Teams are ready to respond efficiently to any critical or non-critical patient while delivering compassionate and clinically superior care during transport.

FRAS one of the leading firm that provide an ultra-modern trauma team to critical injured patients in Delhi, NCR, and India. We provide pre-hospital medical care to the patient, who is seriously injured, or affected with heart attack.

Our Expertise

Air Ambulance Services in Delhi
Air Ambulance Service

FRAS is a safe, experienced and dependable medical air service provider and the variety of medical air services

Road Ambulance Service in Delhi
Emergancy Road Ambulance Service

Flymed Rescue Provides Road Ambulance Services 24/7 Aviation in Delhi/NCR With Qualified Doctors.

Medical Escorts Services
Medical Escorts

FRAS can offer a medical escort services that is substitute of private ambulance.

Emergancy Medical Service by Helicopter
Emergancy Medical Service by Helicopter

Urgent responses to major accidents, emergencies and neo-natal cases are usually provided by helicopters.

How FRAS (Our Team) Help in Emergency?

We provide a wide range of life preserving healthcare equipment and two properly accredited paramedics, who are reinforced regularly by a small group of expert physicians. The Team, which at all times has a Mature Stress Doctor and a specially trained Paramedic, perform advanced medical treatments, normally only found in the Medical center Urgent Division, in time critical, deadly situations. Tasks commonly include serious traffic crashes, commercial injuries, attacks and injuries on the train network.

FRAS is also affiliated with India’s top government and private hospitals across Delhi, NCR and other cities.

However, Air Ambulances have no medical limitations and can often be known as out to be present at emergency situations in nearby places and declares when further support is needed by the citizen Air Emergency vehicle. Our primary places are Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

What Services are included with us?

  • Emergency Air Ambulance from Helicopter/ Aircraft.
  • Our air ambulances are traveling ICU’s, completely prepared to fulfill the needs of your patients.
  • Ticketing and ground transportation for the individual.
  • Special assistance at the airport for rapid and comfortable getting on.
  • Arrangement of convenient life saving accessories like defibrillators , ventilators , infusion pushes , backbone panel , increase pushes , pacemakers , watches , fresh air tubes, traction devices and other unique requirements in the airplane.
  • Administering individual drugs, tracking and medical care on panel the flight.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance